Building a New Home May Require You to Have a Septic System Installed

When you are building a new home, you want to make sure that everything is in working order, especially the sewage system. Many areas have waste management and city water, but other areas do not. In areas where waste management is not available, you will need a septic system installed for disposal for waste. You want to make sure you hire a qualified professional to install a new septic system to ensure it will work properly. A septic tank is buried under the ground, and a leach field is made which allows liquid to be poured and circulate. You can also get additional features such as sand filters, pumps, and alarms that are available with different designs of septic systems.

The Four Basic Septic Systems

  • Sand Filter

  • Gravity

  • Mound

  • Pressure Distribution

Do Not Try to Install a Septic System Yourself

If you try to install a septic system yourself, it can lead to many problems. A professional will be able to look around your home and determine the best place for a septic system. A septic system installation in Milton DE needs to be handled by the professionals since they know what to look for, such as the proper soil conditions, as well as the terrain. After they determine where it should be placed, a layout will be discussed and designed to ensure that space will not be needed for something else in the future and a septic diagram will be made. You do not want to place anything around the area where the septic system will be installed because it can disrupt the septic function.

The Septic Tank and Leach Field

When it comes to septic system installation the size of the septic tank that you need is determined by the water volume that is used and by the local jurisdictions in your area. Septic tanks can be made from polyethylene, fiberglass or concrete. A septic tank is usually close to your home so the lines will not have to be too long. When you have long lines, it can lead to septic clogs. A leach field allows water to separate from solids into the septic tank. This area has piping that distributes liquid so that it can be absorbed into the ground. At, they will determine where the placement should be on a leach field, along with the type and size that is necessary for your septic system.

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