Bringing Home Baby Has Never Been Easier Than With New Mom Services in Stamford, CT

Connecticut Companion and Homecare Services provides support and companionship for parents who take advantage of their New Mom Services in Stamford, CT. Parenting can be an overwhelming and stressful task at any stage, but rarely do new parents feel as physically exhausted as in the first few months of their newborn’s life. New parents will often feel overwhelmed, which can cause them to question their ability to take care of this new person who has stolen their hearts.

New mom services in Stamford, CT will assist the new parents in virtually every aspect of taking care of a newborn baby. The friendly staff will help show the new mommy how to best care for her new baby by offering personalized instructions. They will also help establish a routine for baby that focuses on both the needs of the parents as well as the overall health and well-being of the infant. They are available to counsel on feeding options and will provide instruction on the selected method. Specialists are knowledgeable about infant digestion and can provide a range of support for families experiencing digestive problems like colic. This includes massaging the baby in a way that eases digestive discomfort, which is comforting to both the infant and the parent.

It is important for new parents to remember to take care of themselves during this time, and this program makes it easier for them to do so. Care providers will babysit so mom can see her doctor or to allow parents the opportunity to spend quality time with one another. This service also gives parents the opportunity to sleep without fear of waking every other hour. They will also do the grocery shopping for parents who want to stay home. For families with older siblings, the caretakers will help care for them, too. If the older siblings need help adjusting to their new baby sister or brother, they will assist with that, as well.

Doctors recommend two weeks of recovery time after a woman has given birth naturally and up to six weeks for a cesarean. New Mom Services in Stamford, CT not only allows mom the rest that is so important to her recovery, it helps the entire family with the transition from the lives they knew before towards their new lives with their child.