Brighten Up Your Winter with Hair Coloring in Wichita, KS

You may have heard of winterizing your home for the cold months ahead, but have you ever considered winterizing yourself? Your personal style is a trademark of your character, and can change with the seasons for even greater effect. From tweaking your wardrobe to Hair Coloring in Wichita KS, here are some ideas for giving yourself a snow-influenced makeover.

One of the great things about colder weather is the opportunity to make a splash with your choice of outerwear. The drab grays and whites of winter can be overcome with a bright, festive palette of clothing colors. Consider a cherry red pea coat or a harvest orange jacket to stand out against those plain hues of December. Also, who doesn’t love the chance to dress up any outfit with a thick, comfy scarf? Consider unique patterns (Irish cables, anyone?) and colors to compliment your outfit. Finally, winter is the best time to wear fluffy, comfortable hats. Find a few in basic colors to wear with light or dark outfits.

Winterizing your style extends beyond simply what you wear. While sun-bleached blond hair looks great while surfing in the summer, it tends to be a little out of place in the subdued months of snow and ice. You could look into Hair Coloring in Wichita KSĀ  to try a new look. Let that light pixie cut grow out and try a deep, mahogany color instead. Or trim those long, summer-of-love locks to a professional, dark bob. Winter is a great time to try out a new look and add some excitement to those short, dark days!

Finally, pay attention to your makeup tones. Why not pay homage to the snow and use ice-inspired tones, like a crystal blue or shiny white? Or paint those lips a bright shade of red to add a pop of color to pale skin. Winter can make you look and feel tired, so remember to invest in some extra concealer for those under-eye bags, too.
From bright colors to dark hair, winter provides a great backdrop to a fresh, new look. Consider some of these tips to ring in the New Year with a new you!

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