Braces in Northbrook Are Not Always Visible

Depending on a patient’s particular dental needs, one can obtain braces in Northbrook that are of the traditional kind (metal) or are almost invisible (ceramic). The choice you make, however, has to do with your specific dental needs. While metal braces are not always a preferred choice, they may be more effective for some patients. They also normally cost less than their ceramic counterparts.

There can be several reasons why a child, teen or adult may undergo orthodontic treatment. While some people need to have their teeth straightened or aligned because of a bad bite, other people choose to have the work done for cosmetic purposes.

Set Up a Consultation

If you believe you may benefit from wearing the appliances, you should set up an orthodontic consultation. The dentist will first assess your situation by taking X-rays, and will also give your mouth and jaws a complete exam to determine what kind of orthodontic work is needed. In some cases, you may not need orthodontic work at all.

Typically, people will pursue orthodontia treatment to correct a bite, straighten their teeth or for cosmetics. Teeth that grow in crooked or don’t properly line up can result in a bad bite. In turn, the bite can cause difficulties in chewing or processing food. Also, if a bite does not line up correctly, it can lead to headaches. It has also been found that backaches can occur as the result of misaligned teeth.

Overbites and Underbites

A lot of people have overbites. An overbite is a dental anomaly where the upper jaw juts out so the teeth are positioned too far forward. People may also suffer from an underbite where the bottom teeth extend beyond the upper teeth. Neither of the bites are healthy for the jaw. Whether the bite is an overbite or underbite, it can cause tension and will keep a person from biting down properly. A bad bite that is defined as deep can bite into the surrounding tissues inside the mouth and can cause a good deal of damage. Naturally, you would want to consider Braces in Northbrook for this kind of condition.

Many people seek orthodontic treatment even if they really don’t need to have the work done. They have the appliances placed on their teeth in order to achieve a prettier smile. Some people want their teeth to be perfectly straight. They think of orthodontic treatment as a kind of “plastic” surgery.

Other Treatment Reasons

Other reasons for orthodontic treatment include a need to chew food more easily. People who have crooked teeth might not be able to fully chew food, which can also result in digestive disturbances.

As a person ages, the roof of the mouth changes, which can cause difficulty breathing. Properly aligned teeth lessen this risk. For more information, visit Lippitz Orthodontics website online.

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