Boutique hotels are attracting guests with technology

The owners of boutique hotels have come to realize that their guests are expecting more in the way of electronics and gadgets, as well as the ambiance that boutique hotels are famous for. Guests at high end hotels in Nassau County NY now expect to see wide screen plasma TV and high speed internet as a matter of course. As boutique hotels can react much faster to an industry demand, this is one more point where they get ahead of the big chain competition.

The world can hardly keep pace with the speed at which technology is changing our lives and boutique hotels are very fast to recognize this and equip their facilities with all the latest and the best; by doing so they provide their customers with additional comfort and ease during their stay. As the prices of high end electronics continues to drop, the boutique hotel can afford to outfit the rooms with the best. They are no longer satisfied with providing their guests with something they probably have at home, like a small screen TV with built in CD player; they want to give their guests an experience that they probably will not have at home. Technology is important; it enhances the experience of the guest and as a result, the reputation of the hotel.

Hollywood films are notorious for showing scenes from highly advanced hotel rooms, whether the features are real or not is another topic. What is for sure, there are not the types of rooms that discerning individuals want, they are looking for all those things that a part of the boutique hotel experience. Guests today are looking for comfort, style, design and the sense of grandeur that boutique Hotels In Nassau County NY provide.

Technology has added to the guest experience, now all the other attributes of a boutique hotel can be augmented with services that will bring the enjoyment of the stay to even new heights. Coupled with impeccable service, ideal surroundings and overall ambiance, the guest can now have total control over the room climate, check the billing status on a touch screen, decide which music you want to wake up to and set the room up so that it suits you rather than the norm.

The Viana Hotel and Spa is one of the newest small luxury hotels in Nassau County NY. The hotel has onsite facilities that provide the guest with the perfect balance of relaxation and enjoyment in an atmosphere of total calm.