Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Helps Many Live Longer, Better Lives

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Health Care

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Aging is an inherent part of life, but feeling youthful and energetic even into one’s most advanced years is an increasingly realistic possibility. Better understandings of what the human body requires for the best possible health and fitness have left even many of those in their eighties today living the kinds of active, involved lives that would once have seemed impossible at those ages. Medical interventions of various sorts are of great and increasing importance, too, with techniques like Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy changing the lives of a great many aging people for the better.

Decreasing hormone levels in older people have long been recognized as sources of lessened energy and health complications. Early attempts to overcome these deficits with hormone supplements derived from animals met with some success, but it many cases led to undesirable side effects, as well. Despite these artificially constructed hormones serving in most respects the same roles that the human body’s natural equivalents do, slight differences in the metabolic paths taken by each could lead to unexpected and negative outcomes, as well.

Researchers who studied the issue quickly realized that the key to overcoming it would be making sure that any hormonal supplements that were provided to human subjects were metabolically indistinguishable from natural ones. This simple insight led to many years of research and hard work, as providing this level of chemical and biological compatibility proved to be harder than many had assumed it would be.

In the end, however, the march of science overcame yet another obstacle. With the introduction of replacement hormones which were biologically identical to their natural equivalents, hormone therapy suddenly became a viable option for even those who would previously have been declared unsuited for the treatment because of the possibility of side effects.

That means that today, many people are living healthier, more energetic lives thanks to such therapy. Even basic longevity can often be improved through the use of such supplements, particularly insofar as a whole host of health issues associated with lessened hormone levels can now be virtually ruled out for those who engage in such therapy. While work still remains to be done in tuning Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to maximize the benefits it offers to the widest variety of people, it is safe to say that it has already become one of the most important and promising medical developments of recent years. Visit website for more information.

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