Big Vs. Small: Where Should You Buy Your Auto Parts?

When you need a part for your car there are several options for getting it. You can order them online, buy used parts, or go to a parts house. This is the option most people choose since it is the most convenient, but not all parts houses are created equal. While the big parts houses will usually, though not always, be the cheapest option, smaller parts houses offer their own set of advantages. Here are a couple of reasons to consider each.

Buying from a Giant

When you buy from one of the big parts houses, there are several advantages for you as a customer, but the two biggest are selection and coverage. When you buy from smaller parts houses they are less likely to be able to simply order parts from a hub, which can usually be delivered the same day. Larger parts houses are going to have a larger inventory, in most cases, simply because they can afford to have massive warehouses in central locations to deliver them.

Next, we have to take a look at coverage. A small, local parts house is going to have a limited coverage area, so if your new part breaks on a trip out of state, you have no way of getting it replaced under warranty. However, you can do this with a larger parts house.

Support Small Business

When you are buying new auto parts in Chicago from a small parts house you may spend a little more and you may have to wait for certain parts to come in, but you are going to get much better customer service from these small shops. In the case of small businesses especially, reputation is key. If a small parts house has a counter clerk who doesn’t know what he is talking about, that shop is doomed to fail, so you can expect better advice from these shops on what part you need.

In addition to getting better customer service when you buy from a small shop, you are also going to be supporting a local business. When you buy from a large parts house you are supporting a national chain, but when you buy from a local business you are supporting someone in your community, so keep that in mind as well.

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