Benefits Offered by Fiber Optic Lighting Winchester VA for Swimming Pools

A popular option for many people is to add lighting to their swimming pools. While there are more than a few options available, a popular one is Fiber Optic Lighting Winchester VA. While the decision of what type of lighting to use is usually one based on personal preference, there are a few advantages to know about fiber optic lighting over other options.

What Exactly is Fiber Optic Lighting for Swimming Pools?

Fiber Optic Lighting Winchester VA for swimming pools will illuminate the pool by using a dry box that is located outside of the actual water. The dry box is installed about 10 to 12 feet away from the swimming pool. In most cases, it is found on the patio or another covered area. Inside the dry box are bulbs, which will allow the light to travel through a fiber optic cable that fits into the pool’s wall. Advantages of this lighting option can be found here.

Easily Replace Bulbs and Parts

Since the housing system for the Fiber Optic Lighting Winchester VA is not inside the pool, it is pretty easy to replace the bulbs as needed. Also, replacing any components for the system is a simple process. Compared to the LED bulbs, which can take between 15 and 30 minutes to replace due to the unit being under the water, the fiber optic bulbs will not take as long to fully replace.

Safely Replace the Parts and Bulbs

Again, since the dry box is just that, dry, and located away from the pool and water, homeowners don’t have to worry about any risk of electrical shock when replacing bulbs or components. Compared to other lighting options, this is a huge plus and makes this one of the safest swimming pool lighting options available today. Visit here for more details.

When it comes to swimming pools, there are several options for accessories and features. Getting to know the options is the best way to ensure the right one is found and used. More information about swimming pool lighting can be found by contacting the staff at Al Shirley & Son Inc in Winchester VA. Being informed is the best way to know what type of lighting to use for a pool.