Benefits of Purchasing Used Automotive Body Parts in New Haven, CT

Automobile repairs are not only extensive in nature but sometimes a minor repair can end up being very expensive. This is not surprising because the necessary parts are sometimes costly and when you add the fees charged by mechanics, the necessary repairs can end up costing a mint. While you may not be able to save a lot of money on the what a mechanic charges, you can save some money by purchasing used automotive body parts in New Haven CT.

Used auto parts are parts that have no damage. They are removed from the vehicles, thoroughly tested and tagged. These parts will be cleaned well and will look and function just as good as new. Many times the parts haven’t undergone heavy use. Some of the salvage vehicles may have very few miles on them. Buying used automotive body parts in New Haven CT is one of the best methods of getting a perfectly good auto part at a reduced price.

The parts will also come with a 90 day warranty. The parts that are new or rebuilt will have warranties that last anywhere from six months up to two years. The warranty comes from the manufacturer so that will be the determining factor on the length of warranty on each part.

Finding used automotive body parts in New Haven CT for import automobiles can sometimes be a challenge. You won’t have to worry about that because those parts are readily available for purchase. You can search the extensive database of parts to ensure that the one you need is available for you.

After market parts are also available for purchase. You can get a much better price on these when you buy them used. Just like any other part, these will be tested to make sure they are fully operational.

Used auto parts are often just as good as new. When you deal with a reputable salvage business who takes pride in what they offer to their customers, you will come out ahead by saving money and getting a dependable part. Contact us today to find used auto parts at affordable prices. We’re ready to help extend the life of your vehicle so you can save money.

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