Benefits of Consider The One Hour Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment In New York

Many dentists are now using lasers to whiten teeth because it is quicker and easier to do. The procedure is two steps, including the cleaning and the whitening. During the cleaning, the dentist will remove tartar, plaque and bacteria from the gums and mouth and will then place a protective gel on the gums to keep them safe. Many people have dubbed it the lunch time treatment because it only takes about an hour to treat and also offers many benefits.


One of the primary benefits is that the procedure is simple and won’t require any surgery. In almost all cases, you won’t have to worry about needing more than one appointment and will notice immediate results. You can go up a single shade or several, depending on the strength of the solution and what you require.


While over-the-counter products can work, they can take weeks or months before you see any difference. However, in less than an hour, you can have a whiter looking smile that is quick and easy to attain. You won’t have to worry about kits or strips anymore, nor will you need multiple appointments.

Immediate Results

Another significant benefit of laser teeth whitening is that immediately after the visit, you will see the results. These results can be dazzling, especially if you needed to go several shades lighter to get a white smile again. However, there are extreme cases where the results are not as bright as you want, requiring another appointment.

Long Term

Because the laser is used, for treatment in New York, you will find that it lasts a long time. It is proven to be efficient and better than alternative methods available. In many cases, you may continue noticing effects for up to five years.

Less Damaging

Your pearly whites are supposed to be white, but many treatments can damage or weaken the gum or a tooth. Many times, bleaching agents and powders can damage the mouth over time. However, since the procedure is only an hour, and you only have to do it once every five years, it is less damaging.


Because rubber shields and neutralizing gels are used, the tongue, mouth and gums aren’t weakened or damaged in any way, so you can whiten without the risk of hurting your mouth.

A one-hour laser teeth whitening treatment in New York offers many benefits, such as safety and immediate results. Visit Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Makeovers to learn more about this procedure.

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