Benefits of Buying Used from a New Dealer

You want to buy a used Chevy, so you’ve naturally turned to used car dealerships and catalogues in your area. Did you know that most official dealerships, like a Chevrolet dealer who sells new vehicles, also sell used models? A used Chevy dealer in Chicago or another city also sells new cars, which can offer some benefits.


A Chevrolet dealer isn’t making the big sales from used models. They don’t need to piece together sketchy vehicles to make ends meet; they’re just selling used models to make some extra money. That means they’re not pawning off unreliable vehicles onto unsuspecting customers. You still need to be smart about it, but you’re more likely to get a reliable used vehicle from a new dealer.


You can find great quality used vehicles at official dealerships. They are more apt to know the past of their vehicles, as well. Many people buy a new vehicle, drive it for a few years, and then sell it back to the dealer when they can’t make payments. This way, you can find quality vehicles that have been decreased in price by a previous owner.


You’re more likely to get a good warranty on a used vehicle from an official dealership. They have the facilities to fix their models, plus they’ve already looked them over for reliability. That means they’re more likely to offer you a better warranty than independent, used dealerships might.


Since used cars aren’t their only source of income, official dealerships can negotiate lower prices on used cars than independent used car dealerships can. For the quality, reliable car you get, you can negotiate a fair price with an official dealership.


Official dealers want to build a good relationship with you. If you have a good experience buying a used vehicle from them, you want to go to them when you have the money for a new car, too. They get business by building relationships, so they offer better customer service.

If you’re looking for a used Chevy dealer in Chicago, contact Hawk Chevrolet.

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