Benefits of Buying Meat from a Butcher Shop Kansas City, MO

Most people don’t think too much about the meat they are buying. However, they should. Buying from a big-box store or an average grocery store may not provide the highest quality of meat.

A better option is to buy from a Butcher Shop Kansas City MO. Some of the benefits of doing this can be found here.

Butchers Have a Great Respect for Animals

When speaking to a butcher, a person is going to quickly realize the butchers respect animals. This is why they make purchases from a farm where the animals aren’t caged and where they have the opportunity to live happy lives.

The animals are also fed a natural diet rather than being filled with antibiotics and steroids. Also, visiting a Butcher Shop Kansas City MO means no part of the animal goes to waste.

Buyers Know What They are Getting

There have been stories in the news about “horsemeat in an Ikea meatball,” which has revealed the lack of care at most meat processing facilities and the strange things that go on behind traditional supermarket meat departments. A real butcher can tell customers about the farm where the animal was raised and what part of the animal a certain cut of meat came from. Customers can even see butchers grind the meat right in front of them, proving its quality.

Better Quality Meat

Going to a butcher means that customers are going to be able to find cuts of meat that aren’t available at an average grocery store. Also, meat shoppers can have confidence the animal was slaughtered humanely, properly cut and then stored. There won’t be any chicken breasts that are pumped full of saline water or extremely red steaks that have been gassed using carbon monoxide. Even better, there’s no pink slime -; ever.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by buying fresh meat from a butcher. If more information is needed about butchers and the butchering process, a meat shopper can reach out to the professionals at Valley Oaks Steak Company. The shoppers can also visit online to learn more about the meat and the available services provided by butchers.

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