Becoming a Legal Guardian in Hawaii

A legal Guardian in Hawaii is a person who allowed by law to act on behalf or make decisions for a person who is incapable of these functions. Usually, legal Guardian in Hawaii are appointed to kids, but in some cases people with mental disabilities are also given guardians. Becoming a legal guardian can be very complex and take a considerable amount of time, so be prepared to wait. The following is what you can expect when you become a legal guardian of another person.
When you become a guardian, it is your responsibility to care for a person and make decisions regarding their health care or other minor decisions. You also have to provide this person with shelter, food and any other necessary amenities. Many times, a guardian is appointed to children who do not have a parent around. This is either due to negligence on the parent’s part or sometimes as a result of death. Many parents leave a request for who they want to be the guardian of the child in the event of their death. In most cases, it is a relative such as a grandmother or aunt, who will be named as the desired guardian. Having a close family member as the guardian gives the child a sense of security and familiarity.
Filing a Guardian Petition
There are many requirements and laws governing the acceptance of a legal guardian in the eyes of the government. Each state will have a different set of guidelines, so if you are thinking of becoming a guardian you should check the regulations set forth by your state. Most states require you to show documentation that proves the party in question is incapable of making important decisions. In some cases a court hearing is held where various character witnesses will verify all of the information provided by the potential guardian.
It is probably in your best interest to consult an attorney for advice. Please ensure that the attorney has previous experience in petitioning the court for guardianship. You should also meet with several different attorneys before picking just one. Your first meeting should be scheduled with the Law offices of Cheryl Takabayashi.