Bathroom Remodeling Tips For A Successful Project

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you may need some ideas to help you get started. Read the Bathroom Remodeling Tips below to help you create a beautiful and functional bathroom.

1. Begin with a budget and stick to it throughout the remodeling process. Get an estimate for the remodeling job from your contractor so you’ll know how much it will cost. Write down the estimated cost of everything you’re going to buy. This includes a new vanity, faucets, lights and decor. When you plan your remodel around your budget, you won’t end up spending too much.

2. Your bathroom floor can often be slippery as you step out of the shower. Purchase ceramic tiles that have a textured surface so you won’t fall on a slick floor. After installing your tiles, be sure that you have them sealed so they’ll be waterproof.

3. If you want your remodeled bathroom to be brighter, install multiple light fixtures in the room. Place wall lights on both sides of your bathroom mirror at eye level to provide enough light when you need to see in the mirror. Install a hanging light in the middle of the ceiling to illuminate the entire room. Add a dimmer switch to your ceiling light so that you can adjust the lighting in your bathroom when necessary.

4. Recessed cabinets add extra storage space if your bathroom isn’t very big. Add recessed shelves in the shower for your soaps and shampoos.

5. If you need a lot of storage space in your bathroom, purchase a vanity that has several cabinets, drawers and extra room underneath the sink.

6. When your budget doesn’t allow for a new vanity, you can still have a whole new look in your bathroom. Replace the old fixtures with new ones in a modern style, change the drawer pulls, knobs and hinges. Change the color of your old vanity by painting it a different shade.

When you’re ready to change the look of your bathroom, follow these Bathroom Remodeling Tips to make your project a success. Contact American Bath Inc when you need your bathroom remodeled by an experienced company. This family owned and operated business also specializes in bathroom fixture installation, shower replacements and bathroom repairs.

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