Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Small Spaces

Just because you have a small bathroom space does not mean you cannot remodel. There are plenty of stylish ideas for improving the layout, overall coziness, and appeal of a small bathroom. Your Dallas bathroom remodeling specialist can probably give you plenty of ideas, but it helps to first get an idea for yourself of what you envision your bathroom to be.

Do You Want a Shower or a Bathtub?

Most smaller homes were designed with a modest construction budget that only allowed for “either-or” when it came to a bathtub or a shower. Why is this? Well, traditionally, bathtubs were considered more essential than were showers. In more modern times, this is not always the case as many people swear by taking a shower rather than a traditional bath. If your small bathroom has a tub, but you desire a shower instead, there are several bathroom remodel options available for you.

You Can Replace Large Items with Smaller Items

If you have big bulky fixtures in a small bathroom, the effect can be an overcrowded bathroom with little to no space to move around. You have to maximize your space when it comes to small bathroom remodel projects. Your Dallas remodeling contractor will have bathroom fixtures available such as small, slim-line toilets or a smaller washbasin that can maximize space. There are very small washbasins available that can fit into the tiniest of spaces.

Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Often, small bathrooms have very little storage space. Finding storage space can be challenging with a small bathroom. One way to accomplish this is by installing wall mounted glass shelves. If you have room, a small basket in the corner can be used for magazines or other toiletry items.

Adding Ambiance to a Small Bathroom

Just because a bathroom is small does not mean it cannot be a place where you can enjoy long and luxurious baths and relax for hours! Add some candles with your favorite aroma to add to the relaxing atmosphere. Wall hangings can add to the décor if you do not have room in your small bathroom for other decorations. Adding a larger window can increase the lighting and also make the room appear larger. Use your imagination and let your bathroom be defined by your own personal fashion sense.

It can be a challenge to remodel a very small bathroom, but it is not impossible. With the help of a Dallas bathroom remodeling contractor, you can come up with designs that are creative, appealing, and functional. You should have the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of, so don’t be afraid to remodel because your bathroom is small. Small bathrooms are often the most inviting!