Basic Information About Obtaining a Surety Bond in Shawnee County KS

While bonds are generally known for being able to help someone be released from jail, there are also many other types of bonds that a bondsman works with on a daily basis. A Surety Bond in Shawnee County KS may be obtained for a number of different reasons, and works in a similar way to bail bonds. Before you are able to get a bond, you will need to speak with a bondsman.

The bondsman will review over the terms of the bond with you. This can differ depending on the type of bond. Some of the bonds you may speak with a bondsman about are license bonds, tax bonds, court bonds, workers compensation bonds, or union bonds. Each bond will have its own set amount, and the person taking out the bond will need to pay a percentage of this bond. The bondsman will weigh the chances of the bond terms being completed and, if satisfied, will issue the bond.

In the case that the contract terms are not fulfilled for the surety bond, the person taking out the bond will likely have to repay the bondsman for the bond. This clause in the contract assures the bondsman that they will be able to get their money back no matter the outcome. In some cases, the person who took out the bond may have to pay additional fees if the contract terms are broken.

When getting the bond, the percentage paid may include any necessary fees for the bond. If not, the bondsman will let you know about any applicable fees before you sign the contract. They’ll then review over all of the terms of the bond with you so that you know exactly what you are signing for when you sign the contract.

No matter the reason you need a Surety Bond in Shawnee County KS, a bondsman will be able to help you through the process. They can go over every detail with you if it is the first time you have to get a bond. Whether your bond is for personal or business reasons, the basic steps to the bond are similar. The exact percentage and fees you may have to pay will differ with each type and amount of the surety bond, so it’s important you speak with a bondsman to know exactly what to expect. Contact Big Time Bail Bonds for more information. 

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