Avoiding Shady Moving Companies in Huntington Beach

There are plenty of moving companies in Huntington Beach, but not all of them do quality work. In fact, some of them will actually scam you. It’s easy for customers to be duped by seemingly legitimate movers who don’t have their best interests in mind. As with any industry these days, scams are rampant. A bit of knowledge can help you protect yourself against these scammers, so that you can find a reputable company with fair rates and quality service.

What Moving Scams Do to Their Customers

Here are some tips on how to spot these seedy moving services in Huntington Beach, so you can protect yourself from falling prey to a scam.

  • They find their customers on certain Internet websites. There are many websites out there where you enter information about where you’re moving, and they’ll refer you to several moving companies. Most of the time, those companies are scams. To prevent yourself from falling victim to a moving scam, you should avoid these websites. The best way to find moving companies is to directly contact companies in your area. Reputable local movers will have a website and phone number, which you can use to contact them directly. For example, All Century Moving offers comprehensive information about their services, along with contact information.
  • The rates are suspiciously low. Illegitimate moving companies will offer lowball rates that seem almost too good to be true. They do this by quoting you based on cubic footage, not by weight. This is actually illegal in many places. When moving day comes, they’ll suddenly give you a real quote, which is much higher than what they originally told you. They’ll then refuse to move your belongings unless you pay in full.

  • They take too long to deliver your belongings. After you actually pay the scammers, they’ll certainly take their time to actually deliver your belongings. This is especially true for long distance moves. Moving your stuff could take over a month, even if you’ve only moved a few hours away. If you call to ask about the status of the truck, they’ll dodge your questions.

Finding Legitimate Moving Services

Moving company scams are awful, but it’s completely possible to find a reputable company that won’t take advantage of you. To start, you should go directly to a local moving company. Many moving companies have a website. Their site will have a phone number that you can call to inquire about their rates and services.

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