Assisted Living Issues Which May Require the Services of an Attorney Spotsylvania VA

When you move a family member or loved one to assisted living, you do so to ensure they have a good quality of life and care when they need it most. Sadly, as seen in a series of reports published in the Washington Post almost a decade ago, this isn’t the case. Virginia continues to lag behind other states in terms of subsidies for residents in assisted living. This may lead to your loved one or family member being injured or worse. Here are some assisted living legal issues where an Attorney in Spotsylvania VA will be of help.

Quality of care often suffers in assisted living facilities due to a lack of staff available for the residents or high staff turnover. Most facilities of this type pay workers the minimum wage, leading to staff with no experience in dealing with the elderly and their unique needs. If the family member needs help with basic tasks, he or she may become ill when these basic tasks are neglected or overlooked. An Attorney in Spotsylvania VA area works to ensure compensation is received when this is the case.

One reason many choose to have their family member or loved one move to an assisted living facility is to ensure they receive medical assistance. Often the elderly need medications on a daily basis and they may forget to take these medications. The staff of the assisted living facility is charged with helping them do so, yet staff often aren’t provided information on the medication and how it is to be dispensed. When these medicines are dispensed, records aren’t kept and the elderly patient may be injured or killed as a result.

Assisted living facilities have a budget just like any other business. When the facility finds a need to cut costs, they may do so be providing inadequate food or heat to the residents. Although the food may be considered sufficient in terms of caloric needs, inferior products may be lacking in nutrition which can harm the patients also. If you suspect your family member is not receiving adequate care in an assisted living facility, make other living arrangements immediately! Once you do so, contact an attorney to ensure your loved one receives compensation which he or she deserves while also preventing this from happening to others.

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