Asphalt Paving in Fayetteville, TN for Parking Lots Can Include New Paint

Contractors that provide services for Asphalt Paving in Fayetteville TN also complete the painting of lines, arrows, and other helpful features that convey information to drivers. In a retail center’s parking lot, straight-in spaces parallel to each other in double rows make room for a larger number of vehicles than angled spaces do. Nevertheless, some parking lot owners prefer angled spaces for various reasons.

During Asphalt Paving in Fayetteville TN and the subsequent painting of a parking lot, the workers typically focus on one part of the lot at a time so there is still parking available for customers and employees. When that work is completed, they open up that area for drivers and move to the other part of the lot. Store owners do not want to lose any business by forcing customers to park on the street.

Angled vs. Straight Spaces

Angled spaces allow drivers to pull in and back out easily. The aisles also are better at directing traffic flow, since they are obviously intended to be one way only. Some space is saved because one-way aisles can be narrower. In contrast, straight-in designs theoretically allow drivers to always travel forward without having to back up from a space, but it doesn’t usually work this way, in reality, since not everyone pulls forward to the next space before stopping the vehicle.

Other Designated Areas

Paint applied by workers with a company such as S & S Traffic also designates areas where people are not supposed to park and is usually done with a series of stripes. Handicap spaces are identified with the appropriate symbol and sometimes with blue paint. Property owners also should have signs identifying these spaces. Fire lanes and loading zones can be identified with paint too, and other boundaries can be set.

Some property owners want a broad yellow line painted along the curbed area near the building, especially if there is a sidewalk area there. Arrows tell drivers which direction they should be moving and where the vehicle should be when entering and exiting the lot. Visit the website to learn more about this particular contractor.


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