Answering Pavement Resurfacing Questions

No matter where you live, one thing is certain: weather conditions will eventually deteriorate any paved or concrete surface. Cold and icy conditions found in northern locations will erode surfaces faster than the hot and dry conditions found in the west. Putting in new pavement or cement is expensive, and homeowners are well advised to spread out their Business Name needs over a twenty to thirty year period. While Resurfacing your hard surfaces is not difficult, this article will cover some common questions that homeowners might have.

What conditions do homeowners need to protect cement and asphalt from? Ice, water, and sun are the biggest factors leading to pavement deterioration. In cold climates, snow will melt during the day and freeze at night. When this water gets into cracks, the water will expand as it freezes and break apart your sidewalk or driveway. Mother nature is tough to stop, and about the only thing that a homeowner can do is to make sure there are absolutely no cracks or places where water can seep in. Rain also ruins pavement by entering a crack and washing it out further. Crack sealing is the most important part of Resurfacing asphalt paved areas.

What is seal-coating? Seal-coating is when a professional applies a new protective layer over the old pavement. A seal-coat will seal any cracks in the original pavement, and it will protect the pavement from rain, ice, and sun. Seal-coating is not a do-it-yourself type of project, and homeowners usually need to call a professional service that will have the equipment needed to perform the job correctly.

Can pavement be beyond repair? Yes, if the pavement is left to the elements for too long, there is nothing a homeowner can do but remove the old cement and start over. Breaking up cement and removing it is a long, back-breaking process. Applying new cement or asphalt is also expensive. The best option for most homeowners is to do regular checkups of their paved surfaces. If a crack is noticed, make sure a sealant is applied as soon as possible. It is time to call a seal-coat professional when cracks are numerous, or it has been a long time sine the last application.

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