An Injury Lawyer Can Get You Fair Compensation

A Chicago injury lawyer is someone you need if you have to sue someone who has caused you injury through their negligence. In many cases it is possible to lay the entire blame at the feet of another person or entity; there is no liability on your part. If this has happened to you, you can sue the negligent party for damages, demanding fair compensation for the injuries you sustained and your financial losses. There are far too many complex issues for a layperson to even consider taking legal action without the able assistance of a seasoned lawyer, it is even doubtful if the court would allow you to plead your own case. This is exactly why a Chicago injury lawyer is required, the lawyer knows the law and is best suited to win for you satisfactory compensation with the minimum of trouble.

For any case to prosper it is imperative that a strong claim be developed. Again, with little or no legal acumen, you stand little chance of preparing a claim for compensation that will impress the court. The chances of the case getting into court is remote, the lawyers for the insurance company will gang up on you and before you know it, you will have accepted an offer is far from what a skilled lawyer could get for you. An injury lawyer deals with insurance company lawyer’s day in and day out, they fight very hard for their clients, he or she knows exactly what must be done and how to do it to ensure success.

As well as knowing how to prepare a valid claim, a Chicago injury lawyer knows how to negotiate an out of court settlement which is in your favor. When a lawyer shows that he is not about to back down, the lawyers for the defendant and the insurance company often back off and agree to settle. Once other lawyers know that your lawyer is not hesitant to take the case in front of a judge and jury an out of court settlement is usually reached.

Most people think of vehicle accidents when they think of personal injury. Many injury cases do stem from vehicle accidents but there are many other issues that fall under the same tort laws. If, for example, you sustain injury while using a piece of equipment in accordance with instructions, the owner of the equipment in question and perhaps even the manufacturer may be found liable. The same holds true in the health industry, if you are operated on and the procedure was incorrect, you can sue the attending physician for malpractice. You can even sue the government; if you were to trip and fall over a broken section of sidewalk you can sue the city for damages as it is their responsibility to maintain a safe environment.

If you sustained injury and it was the fault of someone or something else you can hire a Chicago injury lawyer and sue for damages. For more information you are invited to contact the Shea Law Group.

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