An Expert Bedsore Lawyer from Brooklyn, NY, Will Fight for Victim’s Rights

Many individuals cannot turn themselves over in bed or move themselves when seated. If a person with frail skin and a thin frame is not turned on a regular basis using the appropriate gentle motions needed to prevent further skin abrasions, these individuals are prone to developing one or more bedsores. Here’s how an expert and knowledgeable bedsore lawyer from Brooklyn, NY, will fight for a victim’s legal rights under the law.

How Does a Bedsore Happen Anyway?

Typically, someone with serious mobility issues also has other risk factors that make them more at risk for the development of a bedsore than most other people. These sores happen if a person remains in one position for too long. The increased pressure has a tendency to cutoff vital blood supply leaving a slight reddened area that won’t fade after a few minutes when circulation is again restored.

Pressure Sores Can Occur on the Back, Sacral Area, Hips & Shoulders

Bedridden patients are often older with other serious health issues like diabetes or heart disease. Their skin needs to be protected at all times. It is crucial for nursing staff to put these patients on a round-the-clock turning schedule and initiate other skin integrity care measures as needed.

Consult with a Compassionate Bedsore Lawyer in Brooklyn, NY

Once a pressure sore is spotted, other treatments may include using an air mattress and protective cushions, wound care protocols and other measures to reduce overall pressure. Contact Sinel & Olesen, PLLC via

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