An Experienced Injury Lawyer in Kalamazoo MI Will Fight to Get You the Compensation You Deserve

One of the most common questions people have after being injured in an auto accident concerns who will pay the medical bills. Fortunately, Michigan is a no-fault state for automobile insurance. This means that every driver is required by law to carry basic coverage before being allowed to get license plates. No-fault insurance pays for medical expenses, lost wages and for damages to someone else’s property, no matter who caused the accident.

This basic insurance will not be adequate to cover the costs of serious injuries. If a court settlement awards more than the limit of this coverage, then the person causing the injury will be liable to pay to balance. In many cases, that person will not have the ability to pay a large sum. However, it is possible that someone else may also have been negligent.

Finding out the truth about who was really at fault is critical in accident cases. This answer is not always a simple one. It takes experienced investigative skills to get to the truth of the cause or causes of many accidents. For example, the other driver may not have been paying attention and swerved into the other line, tried to brake, the brakes failed and caused an accident. Why did the brakes fail? Was there a bad part? Had they been installed incorrectly? If so, there may be contributory negligence. An experienced Injury Lawyer in Kalamazoo MI will investigate the causes of the accident thoroughly for his client. When someone has suffered severe and expensive long-term injuries, this is critically important.

Richard L. Migala has been an attorney for more than 20 years in the Kalamazoo, MI area. In addition to his legal knowledge and experience, he was formerly a Michigan State Trooper and accident investigator. This combination of skills is used to benefit his clients, particularly those who have been injured by another in an automobile accident. As an Injury Lawyer in Kalamazoo MI, he focuses on ensuring that his clients are not bullied by the insurance companies, but instead receive fair compensation for their injuries. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by it all, click here to investigate how he could help and schedule a consultation to discuss the available options.

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