An Auto Accident Attorney In St. Petersburg Will Review Your Case

It is necessary to hire an Auto accident attorney in St. Petersburg when the party who is at fault fails to accept their responsibilities to you. As an accident victim, you have a right to file an initial claim with the insurance carrier of the other driver. The driver who is at fault is required by law to provide you with their name of their carrier and policy number for their automobile insurance. This information is utilized to file this initial claim. However, if they fail to give you this information and do not file a claim themselves, it presents you with an actionable claim against them.

How Effective is Your Evidence?
A personal injury attorney reviews evidence related to these cases daily. He or she is familiar with the requirements of effective claims. As your preferred attorney evaluates your case, he or she will inform you whether your case requires additional information or documentation before submission. In most cases, you will require medical records, bills, and an accident report for these claims.

Accident Attorneys
The Law Office of Papa and Gipe is familiar with irresponsible drivers who fail to report an automobile accident to their insurance carrier. However, with their knowledge of personal injury law they can present this carrier with information related to the accident and try to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. If the carrier fails to properly compensate you, these attorneys will assist you with a personal injury claim against the other driver and his or her insurance carrier. If you need legal advice or you are ready to file a claim, contact this law office and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

In personal injury cases an Auto accident attorney in St. Petersburg is necessary. It is this attorney who can effectively present the facts of this accident to the judge and share the victim’s story. He or she can present medical evidence related to all injuries sustained and explain how these injuries have presented hardships. A personal injury claim that possesses strong evidentiary support is more likely to secure a win and afford the victim adequate compensation.