An Asbestos Survey in London: What is Involved?

Before any asbestos can be removed, it is first necessary to determine the extent of its presence. This will aid the professional in choosing the best and safest course of action during the subsequent processes. However, there are other times when it may simply not be known as to whether or not asbestos even exists in a specific area. Thus, asbestos surveys in London are generally the first step taken when tackling this potentially daunting issue.

What is included?

It should be apparent that the survey will depend upon the type of building in question. There are some general variables that will always be taken into account. For example, it is required that all permits be obtained from the local authorities. Contacts will need to be created in relation to health and safety issues as are necessary. If there are more sensitive areas within a complex (an area in a hospital or a cafeteria, for example), there will also need to be recognized before any work begins. There could also be times when a certain area is considered a higher priority than another. This is especially relevant if a building is still in use and minimal disruption is desired. These are some of the preliminary concerns during any asbestos survey in London.

Details of the Building

Also, the professional removal specialists will need exacting and accurate layouts of the building itself. Not only will this help to aid in the removal process, but this step is critical in ensuring the safety of the technicians once work has begun. This includes all plans, architectural drawings, structural concerns and how the building was initially constructed. In fact, there may be times when this step actually leads to evidence that more asbestos existed than was previously thought. This has been known to occur during asbestos surveys in London properties, as many of the buildings are considerably old and construction has taken place over decades (and even centuries). The best way to develop an effective plan is to focus heavily on these metrics before any work actually begins.

It is clear to appreciate that while the physical process is indeed important, just as much time and concern will be devoted to the planning phases. This guarantees the safety of everyone involved and the effective removal of all asbestos.

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