American Girl Dolls and Other 18 Inch Doll Friends

American Girl Dolls were originally made by The Pleasant Company, but are now manufactured by toy giant Mattel. They are prized for their quality construction. Mattel offers a wide variety of quality clothing that fits 18 inch doll as well as accessories. Parents appreciate that many of dolls that come with books that tell historical “back stories.” American Girl Dolls retail at around $100.00, a price that may put them out of reach for some parents.

Other Doll Friends

Luckily, there are now quite a few alternatives to the American Girl Doll on the Market and some collectors even prefer them to the original.

Gotz Dolls

Gotz Dolls are made by the same German manufacturer that produced American Girl Dolls before the Mattel takeover. Each features an artist-sculpted face; a hard body; and movable joints. Gotz offers a wardrobe of classic clothes that fits 18 inch doll At approximately $70.00 dollars, Gotz dolls are less expensive than American Girl Dolls but may still be too expensive for some.

Madame Alexander Dolls

The Madame Alexander Doll Company expanded its line into the 18 inch doll world its Favorite Friends line. These dolls have extremely pretty faces. Another popular feature is their articulated neck joint which allows children to pose and tilt their heads. The breast plate is larger than that on American Girl Dolls, allowing them to be dressed in a wider range of styles. At a starting price of about$40.00, they are less than half the price of the American Girl Dolls.

Toys R Us

The Journey Girl Doll is the Toys R Us entry into the 18 inch doll line. These dolls have many of the same features as their higher priced sisters. Journey Girl Dolls have pretty faces, as well as an articulated neck joints similar to the ones found on the Madame Alexander dolls. Journey Girls Dolls also come with a story for each character, and have a wardrobe that fits an 18 inch doll. At a about $30.00, they’re well under the price of the most basic American Girl Doll option.

The Right Friend for You

Whichever friend you choose, you’ll find that clothing, shoes, and accessories are usually interchangeable between the different doll companies. The possibilities for mixing and matching collections are virtually limitless.

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