Alternatives To Traditional Warehouse Floor Paint

Warehouses may not be a public area of any company, but they are a heavy traffic area. Not only are there pallet jacks, forklifts, and equipment in use, there is also a lot of foot traffic along specific pathways in the facility. Add on to this is occasional dropped item and the potential for scraping and scuffing of the concrete surface and you have a floor that can quickly begin to look old and neglected.

The Problem With Paint

To address this issue, many companies use basic warehouse floor paint. This is typically a quick application process that gives an initial uniform color and look to the concrete. Unfortunately, it rarely lasts more than a few weeks until signs of wear start to occur.

Warehouse floor paint, when exposed to moisture, chemicals, scratching with dust and debris and the damage caused by the use of equipment on the floor will scratch, peel and flake. This results in the need for multiple coats to keep the floor in good condition, which adds to the cost as well as the time needed to complete the painting and let it dry.

The Alternative

A practical and cost-effective alternative to basic warehouse floor paint is to use an epoxy coating that bonds with the surface of the concrete and provides both a sealant as well as a beautiful and durable finish.

Many of these epoxy coatings can be applied like paint in a day and require very little in the way of advanced surface preparation of the concrete floor. There are fast-drying solutions on the market as well, which can allow for simple application of the coating over a weekend, limiting downtime for the warehouse facility.

The epoxy coatings will last for years. They offer a non-skid surface, which adds to the safety of the building. These coatings are also easy to maintain, so they provide several advantages over paint with a comparable price over the life of the coating.

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