Alternative Senior Care in Toms River NJ

Sometimes senior citizens need extra care and attention. In some cases, that care is provided in a hospital setting. However, many times seniors don’t need the 24 hours supervision provided by a hospital and can receive adequate care in their own home. With a recommendation from a doctor, seniors who require rehabilitation, memory care or diabetes management can get the services they need in the comfort of their own home by skilled caregivers.

The home health care agency works directly with a senior’s doctor to develop a care plan that will benefit the patient. After getting the doctor’s orders, the nurse meets with the patient and family members to set up a schedule and determine the best way to meet the senior’s needs. Involvement of close family members is encouraged. Often, when family is involved, seniors are more likely to take their medication on a regular basis and follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Patients who are referred for senior care in Toms River, NJ get a thorough assessment from the agency. The agency nurses will then share the information they find with the patient’s doctor and they will work as a team to provide comprehensive medical care. An agency such as Specialty Care Services can even escort seniors to their medical appointments and ensure they share all relevant information with their doctor. Agencies may also serve as an advocate for their clients who need additional care or support. When nursing home care is necessary, agency staff can work with the senior’s doctor and family members to find the most appropriate facility for them.

In addition to medical care, many seniors also need help with preparing meals and bathing. If this is an issue, the agency can offer assistance to ensure the patient has everything they need to make their treatment successful. While doctors may not discover their patients are unable to take care of some of their basic needs, home health care agencies are likely to become aware of the issue right away and take steps to help. Provide for these basic needs is an essential part of senior care in Toms River, NJ.

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