All-American Favorites and Healthy Family Meals Right Here in Oregon

Blending popular all-American favorites guarantees every family member will find something on the menu, even ones who are watching their weights. Fun, memorable family and friend celebrations don’t get better than a pizza parlor with healthy options for all.

Healthy Family Meals
When groups go out to eat, any place with a crisp array of fresh salads is perfect to meet all dietary needs. Salad dressing options can range from vegan (French, Italian) to vegetarian (Ranch, Blue Cheese).

Another healthy choice blending two all-American favorites is taco pizza from Washington County, OR. Pizza parlors in Washington County allow guests to customize toppings and sauces like they’re having tacos and pizza right at home. This is a delightfully healthy dinner, in moderation, with enough flavor to satisfy all appetites and palates.

Play Areas
Children are bound to be part of every family affair. Keep them busy and entertained, as well as burning calories, in specially designated play areas. These are progressive additions to community-centered restaurants who understand a family meal can be complicated, busy and unique.

Banquet Rooms
Turn family dinners up a notch and into memorable special occasions with a pizza parlor banquet room. Packages normally include family-style, large salads and specialty pies including taco pizza in Washington County, OR, families won’t be able to get enough of.

To plan your healthy family night out on the town and still treat your family to something they’ll love, head to Papa’s Pizza Parlor.

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