All About Veneers in Weston, CT

Veneers are thin shells of composite resin or porcelain bonded to the teeth to change their color, shape and alignment. Patients who look towards this procedure want a smile they once had and this is possible by removing the minimum amount of teeth possible. Made to measure, ceramic veneers offer an attractive alternative to composites and dental caps, usually with a very natural and longer lasting look. Keep reading to find out more about veneers, the steps of the process, the results, and so on.

Veneers in Weston CT are becoming increasingly requested because of their simplicity and look. Veneers are thin sheets of ceramic that are placed on the surface of the incisors, canines and premolars to improve their aesthetic appearances. Some compare them to the appearance of porcelain nails.

Created in the 1980s, this technique became widespread in the mid-2000s thanks to the progress made in the materials and methods used. Dentists increasingly became attentive to preserving teeth, opting for veneers as an alternative to covers, which required significant dental sizing. Veneers can correct the color of teeth when whitening is insufficient, and it can help to shape issues (worn teeth, broken, too small…) and minor alterations (slightly overlapping teeth with inter-dental spaces…), as well.

The first date is set for the placement of veneers, but is designed for several stages. Veneers can be placed in two or three sessions if it is, for example, to change only the color of the teeth or to repair a broken incisor. An aesthetic design requires more appointments. This is because of testing and the dentist has to make a mold that simulates the spot where the veneers will be placed before the final veneers can be expertly placed.

During the first visit, you will explain to the dentist why you do not like your teeth. He or she will take photographs, x-rays and an impression that will be used to make a plaster mold. The specialist then adds wax to the mold. When the result is correct, it makes a dental splint. The mold is complete and then the teeth are prepared so the veneers can be placed. Usually placing veneers are done under local anesthesia, and it is a long and delicate process.

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