Affordable Teeth Whitening From an Edison Area Dentist You Can Trust

by | May 25, 2013 | Dental Services

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Your smile is important. The way you smile reflects your outlook on life and can easily affect the people around you. If you dislike your smile or feel uncomfortable due to dull or discolored teeth you are not alone. Teeth Whitening Edison is the most performed dental technique in America. Before the teeth whitening craze of the early nineteen nineties this function was the exclusive domain of the dentist office.

Modern science has improved the methods we use for Teeth Whitening Edison. There are numerous products available for over the counter treatments which yield varying results. There is in fact a whole industry devoted to collecting your hard earned dollars with the promise of a brighter, whiter smile. The actual results you gain can be fleeting and rarely meet your expectations. Such is the power of modern advertising. For many people the promise of easy results is often enough. Once you have satisfied yourself that these treatments don’t live up to their promises it’s time to place your trust in an experienced dentist.

The term bleaching is actually a misnomer. The primary chemical action used in Teeth Whitening Edison is provided by peroxide. The in home treatments use Carbamide Peroxide which is about one third the strength of the professional bleaching kits. Because the strength of this peroxide is low it is less irritating to the mouth and gentler to the tooth enamel. The lower percentage of peroxide in these products allow it to be used more frequently. This is one of the reasons it isn’t as effective as the in office products. On the other hand your dentist uses a treatment which has hydrogen peroxide as it’s primary bleaching agent. This peroxide is inherently stronger than Carbamide Peroxide and ranges in concentration from nine to forty percent.

Even if you have had some luck with the use at home variety of teeth whiteners you might want to consider having your teeth whitened by an experienced dentist. One advantage to this method, your dentist office while do a thorough cleaning of your teeth prior to the application of the whitening product. You must also consider that some stains are more difficult to remove such as strong coffee stains or the residue from long term tobacco use.

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