Affordable Bulk AED Equipping Larger Organizations and Establishments

Accessible AED and accessories help save lives by being available where and when they’re needed. The goal of a provider and distributor of automated external defibrillators, or AED, is to ensure that clients in homes, public spaces and workplaces are expertly advised on proper AED usage and that they have the necessary materials on hand when needed.

What Is an AED Device?

An automated external defibrillator device or machine monitors an individual’s heart activity and will deliver an electric shock if the heart begins behaving abnormally.

Such an instance is SCA, or sudden cardiac arrest, which can result in a collapse. An individual suffering SCA needs help right away as the heart no longer pumps blood. The portable AED device rapidly provides a shock to the heart, potentially saving a life.

The Benefit of Bulk AED Purchases

In some situations, a single AED is not enough for proper first aid preparation. A larger organization may need to
buy bulk AED equipment for every location, or a hotel may need AED on every floor. A school campus or a police force may also need proper equipment to ensure defibrillation capabilities are immediately available.

Equipment in bulk not only means the right amount of material is accounted for, but bulk purchase can also represent substantial discounts for an organization. Such organizations can include:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Government Locations
  • Hotels
  • Police and Fire Stations
  • Retail Establishments

Ready and available AED devices and accessories, including fully-automatic AED, AED rescue backpacks, carry cases and battery packs, can mean a real difference.

Vita First Aid, a National Canadian Company, has access to products and accessories by leading companies, like Cardiac Science, Zoll, Defibtech and other brands. This permits the creation of customized orders and ideal packages at bulk discounts for a home, business or organization from St. John’s to Vancouver. The team will also answer any questioNS regarding automated external defibrillators. To buy bulk AED, contact the leader in AED supply, VIta First Aid, at 1-833-HAVE AED.
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