Advantages Of Using Precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC machining is a multi-billion dollar industry. Its products supply the automotive industry including parts for air conditioning, antilock braking, fuel systems and power steering. This technology is also responsible for plumbing parts, drink dispensers, spacecraft, heavy construction equipment parts, satellite components, and cell phones. It is also involved in producing items for the military and medical industries.

Why Choose CNC Precision Machining?

Companies opt for CNC machining over manual and simple automated for various reasons. Companies may differ in certain aspects regarding their decision, but, in general, they find this technology:

  • Consistency: CNC machines execute the same program repeatedly replicating identical parts time-and-time again
  • Variety of Material Options: CNC precision machining can work with aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, exotic metals, plastics, and steels
  • Speed: The latest CNC machinery allows operators to work quickly and efficiently to achieve the best cycle times possible with the least chips and coolant
  • Exactitude: If you require tight tolerances, precision CNC machining is the best way to obtain it. Using this technology, you can attain tolerances as low as 0.0001” (or 3 microns)
  • Complexity: CNC machining can take a workpiece and shape it into a design once considered too complex or impossible to accomplish
  • Faster Turn-Around Time: These machines can be programmed to handle several types of workpieces quickly and efficiently, therefore, reducing the downtime between production runs
  • Lot Sizes: Such machines are able to handle large lots, but also can be programmed to run off smaller lots while remaining cost-effective

These qualities make such machinery appealing to different industries including producers, suppliers and recipient customers.

Precision CNC Machining

As the name indicates, the intent is to produce a highly accurate result. In many of today’s industries, tight tolerances and exacting repeatability are key to success. By turning to precision CNC machining, fabricating companies can achieve this goal.

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