About Drainage Repair in Mississippi: Common Drainage Problems

The plumbing system determines how efficient the supply of water and removal of wastes from the house will be. When the plumbing is not working well, you may have to deal with the problem such as bad odors in the house and wastewater backing up to the house, which is a health hazard. One of the most essential parts of the plumbing system is the drainage. Drains are, however, susceptible to constant tear and wear. Here are a few things that you need to know about drainage problems and drainage repair in Mississippi.

Blocked drains: This is one of the most common drainage issues. Blockage occurs when a person flushes something that is too huge for the pipe to accommodate. It can also be a result of a plug formed by grease and food particles. If food particles are the cause of the blockage, a drain snake will be enough to remove it. On the other hand, in case the blockage was formed as a result of a solid getting caught in the pipe, the repair experts may have to cut into the pipe and remove the object and then seal the drain.

Damaged drains: There are two things that can lead to drain damage. The first is when a drain collapses as a result of heavy materials being piled on top of the pipe. When this happens, the flow of wastewater is obstructed and water starts flooding the backyard. This creates a health hazard in the home. A drain repair expert will know what to do to fix the part of the pipe that has collapsed. If the damage is not too extensive, the expert will try and seal the part of the pipe. If the damage is extensive, the plumbing expert will replace the collapsed pipe with a new one.

Cracked pipes: Cracks serve as a passageway for debris to get in the pipe and cause blockages. Cracked pipes can either be sealed or replaced.

These are some of the issues that you need to know about Drainage Repair in Mississippi. For more information on drain issues and how to perform repairs, visit the website of Ewing And Ray.