About Dental Implants

Even with proper dental care, some people still experience tooth loss. Tooth decay, trauma, dental disease, and even aging are all common reasons why someone might be missing teeth. Failure to replace missing teeth can lead to both cosmetic and health related challenges. A missing tooth can result in lowered self esteem, bone loss, and a reduction in the ability to eat certain foods. The possibility of gum disease also increases – due to plaque accumulation in the space where the tooth used to be. Dentures and bridges have long been considered the only options for people with missing teeth. However, due to improvements in dental care, patients have many more options than they may realize. Dental implants are one such option.

Dental implants are generally regarded as a new innovation. However, implantable tooth replacements have actually been around for many years. Still, it is only in recent years that implant fixtures have seen high percentages of long-term success. Whereas dentures are removable, dental implants are designed to be more permanent. The average lifespan for dental implants is 10 to 15 years. Dental implants are surgically placed into a patient’s mouth to act as an anchor for a replacement tooth. Implants fuse to a patient’s bone, allowing for a more natural looking tooth replacement to be used. Implants are usually more comfortable than other alternatives as well. Dental implants have to be cleaned regularly, just like with natural teeth. Generally, brushing twice a day with regular toothpaste is sufficient enough to thoroughly clean a dental implant.

Dental practices like the offices of Feldhake & Associates provide quality implant solutions for local patients with missing teeth. To learn if the Dental Implants Scottsdale AZ has to offer are a viable solution for you, you should visit your dentist to assess if you are an ideal candidate. Typically, the surgery to place implants is considered an elective procedure. This means that most dental implants are not covered by insurance. However, many dental practices provide affordable financing options to patients. Qualified patients may be able to set up a payment plan or be eligible for discounts on the procedure.

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