A Yellow Cab In Gardena For Your Evening

When you are going out for a night of drinking, you need to understand the drunk driving penalties in California. While this might not sound like the best way to start your night of fun, it will remind you why you should keep your car at home and instead take a cab to and from the bar. Whether you are looking to visit one bar to watch a sporting event, or you are looking to “bar hop” in the Gardena area for an entire night of fun, it is important that you take into account how you are going to get to and from the locations. By calling up a Yellow Cab in Gardena to pick you up, and then programming the number into your phone so that you can call them when you are ready to go home, you can make sure that you have a fun, stress-free evening.

So what kind of penalties are there when it comes to drunk driving in California? Think fines that can be in excess of $10,000 (on just the first offense), and the loss of your license for an extended period of time. Even though you have heard it a million times, it is worth mentioning that buzzed driving is still drunk driving. Just because you can drive and make your way home when you have been drinking does not mean that you should risk it. Even if you have just had a couple of drinks, you are better of calling up a cab to handle the driving.

If you do not have full confidence that your “Designated Driver” is going to stay completely sober during the evening (that means abstaining from drinking completely), you need to go the Yellow Cab in Gardena route. Luckily, there are plenty of cabs available in the Gardena area at all times of the day and the night.



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