A Variety of Materials Available for a Fence in Cleveland, OH

A homeowner may decide he wants a change in the way his property looks with the installation of a Fence in Cleveland, OH. This project also can be a functional change in the interests of keeping kids and pets from running into the street, for better security and for privacy. A company that installs fencing may offer different materials so the homeowner can choose exactly the appearance and level of function he wants in this new feature.

Wood fencing requires more maintenance than vinyl or aluminum; all these materials are available from a company such as R and M Fence. However, some property owners cannot imagine choosing any material but classic wood for a fence. They prefer the traditional appearance of a lovely wood such as red cedar or red pine, which are the most common choices for wood fencing.

The current trend is away from pine, however, as this type of wood must be pressure-treated to make it durable and resistant to insects and decay. Property owners are increasingly concerned about the chemical used in the pressure-treating process and are choosing red cedar instead. Red cedar is naturally resistant to bugs and rot, and it has beautiful arrays of color from subtle to pronounced. White cedar is another option for homeowners who like a lighter hue.

Vinyl is a popular choice, however. It is available in several colors and can look very similar to natural wood or to sparkling-white painted wood. The installation of a vinyl Fence in Cleveland, OH, means that the property owner will not have to stain or paint his fence to keep it looking great. He won’t have to inspect it for the beginnings of insect damage or the negative effects of moisture.

Cleaning a vinyl fence is easy and usually only requires a garden hose. Sometimes a bucket filled with soapy water and a cleaning rag are necessary to remove stubborn bug debris, or the beginnings of algae or moss accumulation.

An aluminum chain link fence is an excellent feature for restricting the outdoor area for pet dogs in the yard. The fencing material is available coated in colors such as green and brown, in addition to the standard uncoated metal. The option to plant shrubs and vines along the fence make it more decorative.


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