A Tulsa Oklahoma Social Security Disability Lawyer Will Help You Get Your Claim Approved

Filing for disability might seem easy, but the majority of individuals are denied on their first attempt to obtain benefits. Small mistakes in the application process will cause an instant denial of the claim even if the individual is disabled. A Tulsa Oklahoma Social Security disability lawyer can help a claimant through the process and will make sure no deadlines are missed.

Who Is Eligible for Social Security Disability?

When an individual has a physical or mental impairment that keeps them from working, they could be eligible to collect disability payments. If these problems will keep them from working for more than a year, their chances increase. The individual must receive treatment for the problems that keep them from working on a regular basis.

Any Type of Disability?

The Social Security Administration is very strict about what conditions are covered under the disability plan. Even if an individual has a bad back, it does not mean they will automatically receive disability payments. A Tulsa Oklahoma Social Security disability lawyer will review a client’s medical records and help them to determine if they would be eligible.

If not all of the criteria are met for a disability claim per the guidelines, the individual will not be eligible to receive any payments. Once a claimant visits with a disability attorney, they will have a better understanding of their situation.

Credit Weeks

Social Security Disability is known as SSD. SSD can be collected by individuals who have worked for a period of time and collected enough credit weeks through the system. The amount of money they paid into the system will determine whom much money they will receive on disability.

If the individual does not have enough credit weeks, they will have to apply for Social Security Income. Social Security Income is known as SSI.

Although the future may look bleak when you are unable to work and have no source of income, a disability attorney will be able to help. They can help you file your application and appear before the judge if the claim is denied. For more information about your case, please feel free to visit website.com.

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