A Traffic Lawyer in Orange VA Helps Clients Fight Citations for Excessive Speeding and Reckless Driving

For most moving violations, the driver accepts the ticket and pays the fine, not giving it too much thought. Being issued a speeding ticket on rare occasion or being caught rolling through a stop sign are aggravating situations, but usually, nothing to be extraordinarily concerned about. Sometimes, however, hiring a Traffic Lawyer in Orange VA is advisable to make an effective effort toward having the ticket dismissed or the violation reduced to something less serious.

Avoiding Job Loss

A person who drives for a living may be required by the company to have a spotless driving record even when off the clock. A speeding ticket could lead to being terminated from the job. A Traffic Lawyer in Orange VA may be able to convince the judge to dismiss the citation, allowing the individual to continue this gainful employment. There may be a condition that the person does not commit any additional moving violation within a certain time frame.

Excessive Speed

Some moving violations obviously are more serious than others, and the driver may not want this citation to be on his or her record. Consequences are worse for those more serious violations as well. For instance, the monetary penalty for traveling in excess of 30 miles above the speed limit is significantly higher than for traveling 10 miles above it. In addition, a speed of 85 in a 65 miles-per-hour zone may also be viewed as excessive because it becomes difficult to manage a vehicle traveling so fast.

Reckless Driving

Sometimes a violation of speeding at this excessive level is issued as a reckless driving citation. It is considered blatant disregard for the safety of other people. A person issued a citation for reckless driving not only has to pay a hefty fine but will probably face an increase in automotive insurance premiums.

In Virginia, a judge can issue a fine of $2,500 for this offense. Penalty points added to the driver’s license put the person at risk of license suspension with just one additional moving violation. Contacting a law firm such as Gayheart & Willis is the first step toward effectively fighting the citation instead of just accepting it. Browse our website for contact information.

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