A Technician Performing Automobile Repairs in White Bear Lake MN Can Answer Questions About Gasoline


When a vehicle owner brings the ride in for automobile repairs in White Bear Lake MN, this is an ideal time to ask one of the mechanics any relevant questions that have been pondered lately. Automotive technicians generally are fascinated with cars and trucks, and they are an excellent source of information.

One question people often wonder about is why gas stations typically offer three grades of gasoline in addition to diesel fuel. Everybody they’ve ever met chooses gas at the cheapest price, so what are the other products for?

Three Common Types of Gasoline

The least expensive type of gas usually is referred to as regular, although years ago, the term “regular” referred to leaded gas as opposed to unleaded. The most expensive form is called premium, or, at some stations, ultimate. In between is a product known as an unleaded plus, medium or silver. Premium has a higher octane rating of at least 91.

About Octane Levels

Octane is a measurement of fuel performance. Manufacturers of certain high-end vehicle models require the use of premium gas to prevent the engine from knocking or pinging. These are high-compression engines that lose efficiency over time when premium fuel isn’t used. The gas ignites too quickly, causing the noises. The performance also is decreased. Mercedes and BMW are examples of manufacturers producing these vehicles.

Most cars do not need a higher octane level for the gas, but some vehicle owners like the additives in plus and premium fuel that clean the engine. They might not opt for the priciest gasoline, but instead they choose the mid-range product.

A Bit of History

A mechanic who provides service for automobile repairs in White Bear Lake MN might mention a bit of interesting history. Lead used to be included in gas because it improved the octane level, and thus it boosted performance. Many vehicle owners were upset when the U.S. legislature passed a law that banned leaded gasoline in 1990, but lead in the air from vehicle exhaust is a significant health hazard.

An automotive technician with a garage such as American Imports can explain these concepts in further detail if the customer would like. Contact us to schedule an appointment for repair or maintenance work.

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