A Potted History of Worthing

The town of Worthing is in the county of West Sussex and on the southern coast of England. The town was originally founded on the flint industry because of its abundance of Stone Age flint mines, dating to around 4000BC. The earliest documented remains found at Worthing date back to the Bronze Age, qualifying Worthing as one of oldest established places in the country.

Where the centre of Worthing now sits, there once was a Romano-British farmstead, built somewhere around the fifth century. Somewhere between the fifth and sixth centuries the Kingdom of West Sussex was formed and the area was incorporated into it and all the names of the places, including Worthing, were included and date from that period.

At the time Worthing was predominantly a fishing and agricultural village, but it was already showing signs of leaning toward the services industry, too. Later, in the 1790’s wealthy visitor’s, such as Princess Amelia stayed in Worthing and the town began to expand as a tourist attraction as well as a fishing village. Because of Worthing’s proximity to other growing coastal communities Worthing had to stay modern to keep up with the trends. For instance, sewage pumps in Worthing had to be effective and modern to that the town stayed clean and the sea was a beautiful blue for the visitors. Other sanitation areas also had to be kept perfect so that people new to the town would have a good impression. Worthing became a very popular coastal retreat among the rich because it attracted high quality visitors. The coastline also had other ‘posh’ towns such as Littlehampton, Shoreham-by-Sea and Brighton, all within a few miles of one another, making it easy to take a ride along the coast from town to town.

Famous Faces and Visitors to the Area

Oscar Wilde was probably one of the most notable visitors to the area of Worthing and he was said to have penned ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’ while he was on his second visit to the town in 1894. He had first gone there the year before and found it most pleasing, enough to return. Harold Pinter, the Nobel Prize winner had his home in Worthing, also, adding more literary clout to the area.

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