A New Family Member: Why It Is Important to Play With Your Puppy

If you’ve decided to get a new puppy, you have a lot of exciting times to look forward to. Puppies can be a source of entertainment, love and companionship. Like most babies, puppies are incredibly cute, but they can also be destructive and have bad habits. To break them of these, you’ll need to train them.

The other thing you’ll have to train them to do is to not go to the bathroom in the house. To help with this process, you might consider getting the best puppy pee pads. However, life can’t always be work. There has to be some fun too. That’s why playing with your puppy is also important. Below are the benefits that come with playing with your dog.

You might not realize this, and your dog probably doesn’t realize it either, but when you play with them, you have certain expectations that have to be fulfilled. Whether you are teaching them a trick or playing fetch, you reward them for doing something right, which encourages them to keep doing that act.

When you play with your puppy, you are also encouraging them to listen to you and engage with you. If they bite too hard, you will tell them to stop. If they do, you’ll keep playing. This is a great way to teach them expectations while having some fun.

If a puppy gets bored, it will find something to do to entertain itself. This might include peeing on the floor or chewing up your favorite shoes. If you play with them, you will keep them occupied so that they don’t have to entertain themselves. This will also wear them out so they’ll take a nap.

Owning a puppy comes with responsibility, including making sure they have the best puppy pee pads. Having fun is equally important, as it ensures your puppy will be happy and healthy.

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