A Mini-Guide to Roofing Materials

by | Jun 21, 2011 | Home Improvement

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Planning to construct a new home? There are loads of things that must be on your mind and selecting the right kind of roofing material must definitely be among them. No matter what type of architectural style you opt for, there are several types of roofing material that are durable, attractive and cost effective. In this article we will talk about the popular natural and synthetic roofing materials and provide you some tips on roof remodeling.

Composition Shingles: These are mats made of fiberglass or cellulose and they are coated with mineral granules or asphalt. You will need to look for algae resistant granules if you live in humid and warm temperatures. The highest fire-resistant shingles are rated Class-A, so you know what to ask for from your roofing contractor. This is the most economical roofing option. The heavier the material the longer lasting it is.

Wood shingles: These are small, lightweight wooden shingles that are sawn on either side. You can have them fire-retardant coated to enhance safety. You will find cedar, redwood, pine, and cypress shingles and their prices vary on their grade and weight. Wood shingles are natural in character and they blend well with the landscape with little variation in color. Wood shingles need application of fungicide and preservatives every few years (2 – 5).

Metal Roofing: Panels of aluminum, steel or copper are used for metal roofing. They can be in corrugated, standing-seam, or faux-shakes styles. You would need to look for reflective coatings as metals conduct heat. Almost all types of nearly flat roofs and composition shingles can have metal roofing installed over them. The good part about it is that this is a recyclable and fire-resistant material and can last for nearly 40+ years.

Clay tiles: Clay tiles are energy efficient and are perhaps the most expensive type of roofing material. They are non-combustible and are available in hundreds of glaze colors. Pulverized clay and water is molded to manufacture clay tiles. The installation costs for this could be on the higher side. Clay tiling can last for up to a hundred years and they are highly durable.

Concrete tiles: Concrete tiles are available in forms that are imitations of wood shakes, slate or clay tiles. Some varieties come with an interlocking mold so installation is made easier. You might need to reinforce the roof framing for concrete tiles.

Slate tiles, laminated roofing, and rubber roofing are the other types of roofing options that can be considered. Each of them has their set of pros and cons. It’s for you to review and choose the type that suits your preference and budget for roofing. Baltimore has a number of local roofing contractors that can be contacted if you happen to be living in or around the area.

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