A Heating Contractor in Urbana Knows the Importance of Routine Filter Replacement

A Heating Contractor in Urbana knows that many homeowners don’t change the furnace filter as often as they should. It seems like an easy project, but people tend to put it off. They don’t keep filters on hand so they can easily make the swap, and they don’t set a date each month for the change to make it a routine task.

Leaving a dirty filter in the equipment makes both the furnace and central air conditioner work harder to move air through. That means higher heating and cooling bills from the utility companies. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that people can save more than 10 percent on their utility bills just by changing the filter regularly.

The extra effort the system has to make also means more wear and tear occurring sooner than it would otherwise. Parts might need to be replaced sooner, and the furnace itself will not last as long as it should. All that could be prevented with a reasonably priced furnace filter replacing the old one on a regular basis.

It’s not crucial to buy the highest-quality filter in the store, but it’s also advisable to avoid the cheapest ones. Pleated filters keep more fine particles out of the system, resulting in cleaner air in the house and a cleaner interior of the furnace equipment. People with allergies may want to spend a little more on a filter that is better at preventing various allergens from getting into the ducts and vents. A Heating Contractor in Urbana can provide advice on filters if a customer wants to obtain expert insight.

Changing the filter as directed is important for increasing the longevity of the furnace and allowing it to run as efficiently as it was designed to do. In addition, having a technician from a company such as Cassel Home Comfort clean, adjust and inspect the system once a year also is essential. It’s like a tune-up for the furnace, central air and associated components. In a climate like that of central Illinois, it’s best to have the work done in autumn so the system is ready to perform at peak levels over the long, cold winter. Contact us for more information.

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