A Guide to Microfluidics

Microfluidics is the science of creating, manufacturing, and perfecting devices and processes which deal with volumes of fluid on the order of nanoliters. The devices themselves are created to specific dimensions which range from millimeters on down to micrometers. The technology involved in microfluidics is characterized by the engineering and manipulation of fluids at the sub-millimeter scale, has shown considerable promise for improving diagnostics and biology research. There are certain aspects of microfluidics, such as precise control of the fluids, have made the technology an attractive prospect for replacing traditional experimental approaches.

Microfluidics hardware equipment requires construction and design that differs from macroscale hardware. It is practically impossible to scale down conventional devices and then still expect them to work just fine in microfluidics applications. When the dimensions of a device or system reach a certain size as the scale becomes smaller, the particles suspended in the fluid become comparable in size to the apparatus the fluid is held in. This dramatically alters behaviors of the system.

Microfluidic systems have diverse and vastly varied potential applications. Some examples of systems and processes that may utilize microfluidics technology include: printers, blood-cell-separation equipment, biochemical assays, chemical synthesizers, genetics, drug screening, laser technology, and mechanical micro-milling. Additionally, it should not be of any surprise that the medical industry has honed in on microfluidics and shown keen interest in its technology. It’s no wonder, considering the fact that the applications of microfluidics are some of the greatest engineering feats, and challenges, ever created. The field is the perfect blend of engineering, chemistry, and biology. It has vast potential, including: Exploration of cellular and molecular biophysics, chemical assays, cost-saving reagent use, and biochemical analyses.

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