A Guide to Adoption Northern Virginia

The process for Adoption Northern Virginia requires the prospective parents to follow specific guidelines that are governed by the local court system. The procedures far exceed simply finding a child to adopt and by the end require legal expertise to finalize the proceedings. Initially, the hopeful parents discuss the option to adopt with a social worker, even if they know the child in question. Adoption documentation and require forms are completed first through the local social services system. If the hopeful parent is related to the child, a filed court petition for the adoption is initially required. When this is the case, the prospective parent is required to submit proof to the court indicating the reasoning behind the adoption. For example, he or she wishes to adopt the child following the death of the birth parent or after the revocation of rights of the birth parents by the court.

A social worker or other county official performs a home study during the adoption process. This process is a requirement for prospective parents seeking to adopt through any orphanage as well as anyone related to the child. Through this study, the intended parents are evaluated based upon the county required guidelines for adoption. At this time, the official is establishing any potential risks to the child as well as ensuring that the hopeful parents are able to provide adequate support for the child. A questionnaire is utilized to establish the way in which the prospective parents handle life events and situations that may affect the child both negatively and positively. This process is used to ensure that the forthcoming parents are the best fit for the child based on these psychological evaluations.

The last phase during the Adoption Northern Virginia process is placement and finalization. Placement only occurs after the county determines that the prospective parents are the right choice for the child. A series of visits is allowed between the future parents and the child to determine the ability of the child to adapt within their new environment. Once it is certain that the new home and parents are in his or her best interests the court sets a hearing date for finalization of the adoption.

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