A Family Law Attorney in Sullivan Indiana Can Help Children Get What They Need

In the interest of helping children to have a good life, family law encompasses many different subfields. These fields can help a family that is separating to ensure the child is taken care of, as well as help in other situations where children are a concern. Some of the different fields a family law attorney in Sullivan Indiana may work with children in include:

Child Custody – Whether the parents are going through a divorce or were never married and are separating, there is often going to be a need to decide on child custody. A family law judge can help decide whether the parents will split the custody or if one parent will get full custody.

Child Support – If one parent is granted majority or full custody, the other parent will likely still need to help support the child. This is done through child support payments, and the amount for the payments may be decided by the judge if the separating couple cannot agree on an appropriate amount.

Child Visitation – Even if one parent has the majority or full custody of the child, the other parent may be able to enjoy visitation with the child. This can either be independent visitation or it can be supervised visitation, and the lengths of the visitations can be from a few hours all the way up to an entire summer.

Adoption – When a child is adopted, the adoption must go through the family law courts. This allows the child to be legally adopted, and allows the new parents to have complete custody over the child. This is important when the parent must make financial or medical decisions for the child, as these can only be done by the legal guardian of the child.

Relinquishment of Rights – If a parent wants to give their child up for adoption, they must relinquish their rights in a family law court.

If you’re in need of help with any of the above fields, speak with a family law attorney in Sullivan Indiana. They’ll be able to let you know exactly what needs to be done and walk you through the process to make sure everything is legally valid. To find out more ways an attorney can help you, you can visit their website.

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