A Family Law Attorney in Alpharetta, GA Can Help You with Your Family’s Legal Issues

Any type of lawsuit can ultimately have the potential to get rather messy and frustrating. Family law is no exception to this rule. In fact, depending on the particular situation, legal issues concerning family members can be the most emotionally difficult type of lawsuit. If you happen to live in or near the Alpharetta, GA area, and you have some legal issues that either involves members of your family, it may be time for you to look into hiring a family law attorney in Alpharetta, GA.

A Family Law Attorney in Alpharetta, GA Specializes in Different Areas of Family Law

Attorneys who practice family law are usually multi-skilled lawyers who also practice other areas of law as well. They can usually cover any and all aspects of family law and can help you and your family work out your legal issues. There are several different types of family law that attorneys usually practice and virtually every lawyer who specializes in family law practices all of these areas in the niche:

  • Paternity Cases

  • Contempt

  • Divorces (Uncontested and Contested)

  • Child Support Modifications

  • Child Custody/Visitation Modifications

A Family Law Attorney in Alpharetta, GA Handles Paternity and Child Support Cases

Paternity cases can be complicated. If a couple has a child together and even they are not married to each other, the father of the child is still required to pay child support for the child. He can ask the court for a DNA test in order to establish paternity if he has any doubts as to whether or not he is the biological father of the child. The mother of the child can file for child support from the father through the court. A family law attorney in Alpharetta, GA can help the couple work out a fair child support payment amount.

If the father of the child does not meet his monthly child support obligation that has been ordered by the court, there will be consequences. In some cases, the father’s driver’s license will become suspended and sometimes he can even end up in jail if he does not pay his child support. Sometimes, these types of cases can get somewhat complicated and it can be a good idea to have a family law attorney in Alpharetta, GA get involved in the process.

Child custody cases can also be stressful, complicated and frustrating sometimes, especially if things become ugly between the parents of the child. If a child custody battle is between the parents of the child, and neither parent can come to an agreement as to how the custody should be divided, the best way to try and resolve things could be to get a family law attorney in Alpharetta, GA involved in the matter.