A Currency That Is Creating a Financial Revolution in Detroit

Bitcoin is seen as one of the biggest financial experiments in world history. The idea of a digital currency that is able to be used around the globe to purchase products and services is something that has been discussed, but it had never been done. The power of Bitcoin is that it is not controlled by central banks or government agencies. It is a currency that is of the people and for the people. This is why many people believe if Bitcoin is successful, it will represent the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world.

What is so unique about Bitcoin and what has so many people searching for a BitcoinATM near Detroit is the fact that it is a digital currency that cannot be duplicated. The ability to create something digital that cannot be replicated has tremendous value.

When you talk to people who search for a Bitcoin ATM near Detroit, you see that most of them are frustrated with the current financial system. They are frustrated with the idea that a group of banks or a group of wealthy individuals have the power to dictate the value of money, how money is produced, and how it is transferred. They lament the impact that excessive regulations are having on world finances.

Many proponents of Bitcoin feel that excessive regulation is propagating financial exclusion. So you see a large amount of wealth concentrated with a small group of people and the majority of the world fighting over a small piece of pie.

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