A Burlington WA Marijuana Lawyer Could Help Your Case

People who are facing drug charges for marijuana possession should not overlook the seriousness of their charges. Marijuana is a controlled substance, and the penalties for convictions could be stiff. Sometimes judges and prosecutors take a number of factors into consideration. The judicial process is complicated to understand for the average person which is why it makes sense to acquire a WA marijuana lawyer in Burlington for representation. Lawyers can help people better understand the charges brought forth against them.

When prosecutors decide to pursue a case, it is usually because they believe they can win. Lawyers can review the circumstances surrounding a marijuana related arrest. They might be able to discover new or overlooked evidence which could result in charges getting dismissed. They might also be able to assist with negotiating plea deals. Some plea deals can result in people avoiding jail time, and in other cases, they may receive lighter sentences.

Sometimes prosecutors offer plea deals to people who do not have legal representation. In cases where a conviction could mean severe punishments, judges may order defendants to acquire attorneys. They might even appoint one to them. There are still some cases where people do not want to defend themselves against their charges. Some people are eager to accept plea deals because they want to get on with their lives. At first sight, an offer of 10 years probation might sound like an easy sentence. Some people overlook what could happen if they got in trouble during those 10 years. They could be imprisoned. Defense lawyers can be helpful with negotiating terms that are suitable for their clients. You should be cautious about accepting plea deals without a WA marijuana lawyer from Burlington present.

Howson Law Office is a wonderful resource for people who are facing drug charges. You might feel hopeless about how your case will end. This is why it is important to have legal representation. Perhaps your understanding of the law is incorrect. Lawyers are familiar with law changes, and they are also equipped to use their knowledge of the law to create reasonable doubt and other defenses.

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